What Is a Dedicated Server and Why Do I Need One?

Netherlands Dedicated Server?

What is a dedicated server? Simply put, it’s an entire computer that’s dedicated to just one thing: your website or business application. A Netherlands Dedicated server offers tons of power, stability and control over how your site works and when it works, but what makes it different from other hosting solutions like cloud hosting or managed hosting? I can find the answer in two key factors: cost and customization. In this article, we’ll explain why you need a dedicated server and why Onlive Server offers the best Netherlands Dedicated Server hosting at an affordable price.

If you have high traffic, it is a great idea to go to Netherlands dedicated server. With Netherlands dedicated server, your servers are in one of four facilities in Holland. And they provide maximum uptime and load-balancing reliability with higher capacity rate. Onlive Server offers you professional Amsterdam based hosting services at an affordable price. It also provides top quality data center on all locations like Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, France and Netherland, etc.

How Does it work?

Dedicated hosting differs from shared hosting. With dedicated hosting, you’re responsible for your own server—you don’t share space on someone else’s server with other websites. This allows you to control how much capacity your site can use, how many visitors it can accommodate, and what kind of performance level you want (how fast it will be). The downside to dedicated servers is that they are expensive; if you only have a small budget for web hosting or expect low traffic levels on your site, shared hosting may be better for you. You should also consider cloud computing services such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, which let businesses buy computing capacity as needed without having to pay for unused resources.

Are There Different Servers?

Yes, there are different servers. The main servers include dedicated servers and VPS (Virtual Private Servers). A dedicated server is self-contained. This means that it does not share any part of its software or hardware with another user or computer. With virtual hosting, your website uses software applications that run alongside others on a shared server. With our Netherlands Dedicated Server hosting plan, your website will have as much memory and storage space as you need to run smoothly without slowing down your website visitors’ browsing experience. Unlike with some VPS plans, we’ll always give you more than enough power to keep your sites up-to-date even when multiple customers are logged in at once.

Feature of Netherlands Dedicated Servers

Netherlands is in Europe and it’s one of our most popular locations for hosting servers. The Netherlands has some of best connectivity to other countries. Therefore, it makes great sense to host your websites in Netherlands as your customers can experience faster loading times when they are accessing your site from other European countries compared to if you were hosting in North America or elsewhere. That being said, if you have clients that are based within Europe, then hosting in Holland can also offer them greater speed compared to if it hosted them somewhere else due to increased proximity. It all depends on where you need your server based, but we would recommend taking advantage of any benefit offered by different locations while still considering any drawbacks (increased latency) that may result from hosting there.

When Should I Get a Dedicated Server Instead of Shared Hosting?

Dedicated servers provide more security, power, speed, and flexibility than shared hosting plans. If you have an intensive workload or if your website handles high volumes of traffic, you’ll likely get better performance with a dedicated server. However, dedicated hosting plans can be quite expensive, so it’s important to know when you need one—and when you don’t. Shared hosting will work for most websites that receive less than 100GB of data per month in traffic. That includes small businesses with sites that aren’t mission critical, such as local restaurants or retailers who just want a simple website to list their products online.

Who Should Get a Dedicated Server?

In short, if you have any sort of website or online business (no matter how small) you should get your own dedicated server. The benefits far outweigh any costs associated with setting one up. If there is even a slight chance that your website could grow into something big in the future. Then it is well worth it to find some extra cash to get your own server early on; time is money when you’re growing an online business. Once again, not all businesses need their own servers. But if yours does, don’t skimp and wait until it’s too late to act.

Benefits Of Netherlands Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is an independent computer system that is directly connected to a computer network with no other servers. With Onlive Server, you can find significant benefits of hosting your website on a dedicated server, like: flexibility, security, power and performance. If you want to get more advantage of using our Netherlands Dedicated Hosting services, then please contact us. We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed service with 24/7 customer support. We are one of few webs hosting company providing unique services at affordable price plans. At Onlive. We only focus on our customers’ requirements because customer satisfaction is our top priority.


There are many reasons to use a Netherlands Dedicated server instead of shared hosting. If you have ever experienced downtime or overloading issues with your site, you should. It will boost your online presence and make your content available to as many people as possible. You can learn more about dedicated servers by contacting an expert at Onlive Server today. They will help you get started in just minutes.