What You Should Know About Switzerland Dedicated Server

Switzerland Dedicated Server

Switzerland Dedicated Server

Apart from the basic info about Onlive Server, it’s best to learn how they can help you, right? One of the most important things. What you should know about Switzerland Dedicated Server is that they offer cheap and premium dedicated servers. With free domain name registration and instant setup, all handled online with just by few clicks. And that’s not all! 24×7 support, High-end infrastructure, Free Domain Name registration, and Instant setup are also included in the deal!

Switzerland Dedicated Server

Onlive Server offers you a Switzerland Dedicated Server at a cheaper price. Compared to other providers Onlive server is much faster, more efficient, and also secure. Other things are round-the-clock support and endless benefits that come with your dedicated server. There are no extra charges in case of customers switch between different kinds of servers or add new features to existing servers. Free setup fee, 30 days money-back guarantee, and 99% network uptime are some other features that can attract you to choose Switzerland’s dedicated server from the Onlive Server.


Onlive Server offers you dedicated servers at an affordable price and has the full power of handling customers’ data with high-end infrastructure. This will save your time and money as you don’t have to pay anything else for running a server because the Onlive server will be in charge of it. If cost is an issue for your business, then Switzerland Dedicated Servers are all that you need. No matter what size, budget, or capacity requirement, Onlive servers always provide their clients with value for money. Some companies outsource their operations to third parties but they forget one thing which makes them fail at some point: Management costs can take up 80% of the total cost related to running a server.


The first thing that comes to your mind while choosing a server is its hardware. Your data and website will be stored in it and hence, it should be of good quality. In that case, go for quad-core processors with RAM space of more than 4 GB and unlimited bandwidth. Choosing virtual servers is also an option but if you want to get an authentic experience then physical servers are best. Plus, you can hire someone to manage your dedicated server if required. These days, there are many options available in terms of brands and prices. So, it’s up to you what exactly you want. In fact, there is no specific place where one needs to look for these servers as they are easily available online through various sites such as Onlive Server which offers cheap dedicated servers at very affordable rates along with a lot of other benefits too.

Support Section: Network

The network is the most important part of any system. That’s why we use a premium-class network with multiple high-speed connections to major transit hubs and Internet exchanges in Europe, the United States, Asia, and Switzerland. The default route passes through the world’s major Internet exchanges (in New York, Zurich, Hong Kong) where all international providers interconnect with each other: that way you get direct access to every server in any country of your choice and if you don’t have a special need for any server outside Europe – we offer an option Internet Peering, which allows you to exchange traffic directly with our datacentre in Zurich. This will save you up to 50% on bandwidth costs. We also have physical connectivity to London via dedicated fiber-optic lines from both Telehouse and Equinix datacentre as well as direct peering at LINX, LONAP, and AMSIX internet exchanges.


The bandwidth of your dedicated server refers to how much data can be transferred in one second, and it’s usually measured in bits per second (bps). In general, larger servers have higher bandwidth rates; however, you can also get more bandwidth if you purchase extra space. Unless you expect a huge traffic spike from an event or campaign, we recommend going with a large-enough server, to begin with, since it will save money in both hardware upgrades and future purchases. Onlive Server provides 7 free migrations with all its packages. So, don’t worry about migrating your website later on. One of Onlive Server’s dedicated server offers is really cheap and powerful That’s not bad at all!


A dedicated server is more secure than a shared hosting environment. All hardware resources are assigned to your account, and all software is customized to your application, making it virtually impossible for hackers to gain access to your data. If you choose a managed dedicated server solution, we’ll monitor your system around the clock and respond immediately if there’s any threat of downtime or security breach. Our network architecture is designed to prevent DDoS attacks from affecting our customers. Your data will be safe with us – guaranteed!

Pricing Section: Cost Benefits

People choose the Onlive server as a cheap dedicated server in Switzerland because of its low price, but that is not all, you can also save your time and money by using its Cheap Dedicated Server Switzerland as a test environment before launching your application on the production server. Low Price but High Performance: Cheap dedicated server in Switzerland has some great resources like Intel Xeon E5-2630 CPU, 256 GB RAM, and RAID 10 storage device. All these resources are available at a very affordable price.


When you know what to look for in a server, then you will surely have an easier time choosing one. Before making your final decision, take your time and compare at least three servers of your choice. This will help you get an idea of what type of service they offer and why they are different from each other. Once you have compared them, then choose which one will best fit your needs. To learn more about Cheap Swiss Dedicated Servers – Onlive Server today!