VPS Server Hosting vs. Shared Hosting- Getting Started

VPS Server Hosting

VPS Server Hosting

If you are thinking of going for a server hosting plan, you must know that there are varied options available across the market. And you have the flexibility of choosing one as per your requirements and preferences. Well, you must understand that requirements and preferences are not the only things that will be helping you in making the right choice. To an extent, your budget for web hosting also determines the type of hosting you would like to go for. Take for example, VPS Server Hosting is far more affordable than dedicated server hosting and offers the same functionalities and features like that of a dedicated server. Nevertheless, if you do not have a very large site and you can do with shared server resources, it is a good idea to go for shared server hosting. Shared server hosting is the most perfect hosting plan for small businesses that do not have a huge budget for server hosting.

Choosing between Shared Hosting and Virtual Private Server Hosting

So, what type of server hosting do you require? What are the features or the qualities that will be the most important ones for your business? It makes sense to go for the right choice between shared server hosting and virtual private server hosting. However, in order to make the right choice between these server hosting plans, you will have to go through their comparison and their features in details. Let’s discuss shared server hosting and virtual private server hosting one by one:

Shared Server Hosting

Majority of the beginners into owning a site go for shared server hosting plans. But why is it so? That’s because shared hosting is the cheapest hosting type available in the market. And going for a shared server does not require any kind of specific knowledge about server maintenance and system administrations.

Yet another way of thinking about shared server hosting is taking it as living in an apartment. You might know that apartments have different amenities for the people living in them and everyone in these complexes share the amenities. Going for apartment living means you will be sharing the amenities available with all the members. These will include amenities like a playground, gym and parking lot. Shared hosting is the same as apartment living. All the websites hosted on a shared server need to share available resources. The shared hosting environment is where the users need to share disk space and memory with the other websites being hosted on the same platform.

Shared server hosting is generally opted by the small businesses and the new players in the online industry mainly because they it is highly affordable. The affordability factor, however, has nothing to do with the availability of features. Shared servers do come loaded with different features considered perfect to be used by the beginners in the online industry. Shared server hosting plans feature cPanel access and offer users the ability of creating several email addresses. Apart from this, the users of a shared server also get a lot of storage space for their websites along with free SSL certificates. This kind of server hosting allows users to start small and then upgrade to more features and space as they keep building their online presence.

VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting

Speaking of USA VPS hosting, it is far more beneficial and feature-rich in comparison to shared server hosting. A virtual private server is very similar to owning a condominium with several shared amenities like parking lot and swimming pool. Despite the fact that the amenities of a condominium are shared, the users are personally responsible to maintain their very own condos. There is a major difference between apartment and condo living and that there condos have fewer individuals living in there.  Quite the same as condo living, virtual private server hosting has fewer customers or users making way for more resources. However, there are still certain things that the users need to share with their hosting neighbors with the overall shared resources being greater always.

Best VPS hosting plans offer users root-level access to their servers. On almost any server, root accounts tend to be the most crucial ones. Getting root access means users can access almost any file; install any preferred program and change any configurations. So, for the ones who are looking to throw 90% of their available bandwidth and resources on one site instead of offering each with a preconfigured amount, VPS hosting would be the right option.

Key Differences between Shared Server Hosting and Virtual Private Server Hosting

The key differences are as follows:

  • Going for a shared server hosting plan means you must get ready to work within the cPanel ecosystem. You will have to come up with a site either by coding it directly with CSS, HTML, PHP or JavaScript or by installing a CMS or Content Management System like Moodle or WordPress. Shared packages allow their users to easily and quickly get the preferred speed with popular and established software.
  • WordPress, on the other hand, is the most popular content management system used on the Cheap VPS Hosting plans. That’s because it offers a lot of freedom and control to WordPress administrators. A virtual private server offers users all the resources they require for setting up a huge eCommerce store or for completing advanced-level WordPress configurations. Moreover, if the users are looking to install custom site frameworks, they can definitely do so with the use of a virtual private server.

To Conclude

One of the best things about virtual private server hosting is that you have the option of going for managed VPS packages. This means that as a user, you have the power of using the server the way you can but there is a dedicated team available for taking care of the management and the maintenance of the server.