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What is a Windows VPS?

A VPS, short for a virtual private server, is a virtual machine you can use as an environment dedicated to your web projects. It is scaled to offer the resources you require, creating it much more affordable than a dedicated server, but giving you full control over its administration and configuration.

As well as, Windows VPS guides to hosting software that uses Windows technology. For multiple users, especially businesses, Windows VPS gives several advantages. VPS hosting is a kind of hosting suited for people who have outgrown shared hosting. Our Cheap Windows VPS is delivered with a pre-installed Windows operating system. However, you can still option for another operating system, like Linux.

Explore Onlive Server Cheap Windows VPS Hosting

  • Excellent value for money
  • Scalable resources to suit your requirements
  • A dedicated environment with Windows

Why choose an Onlive Server Windows VPS?

Our Cheap Windows VPS range is specially designed to be as comprehensive as possible. Require more power or storage space for growing business requirements? Simply go to the Onliveserver Control Panel and add the resources you need to your server, without having to provision them in advance. In short, we bring care of your machine’s hardware and availability — leaving you to concentrate fully on your core business.

You can select from a wide range of operating systems, including Windows Server, Debian, CentOS, and Ubuntu — and you can also select between Plesk and cPanel for web hosting control panels. Onlive takes data security very seriously, so we offer backup options on dedicated storage space. Our resolution is available in different data centers across the globe, so you can order a Cheap Windows VPS as close as possible to where your users are based.

Increase Your Our Website Uptime with Windows VPS – Onlive Server

Are you looking for a reliable and secure hosting service? Then Onlive Server is here to make your search end. We are offering the best quality of web hosting services at an affordable price. We offer high-performance, Cheap Windows VPS hosting with round-the-clock customer support. In order to cater to each and every need of our clients.

We provide three different plans such as Starter, Essential, and Premium. In the Starter plan, you can avail free SSD disks with up to 2 GB bandwidth per month at $4/mo. Whereas with Essential Plan you can enjoy free SSD disks plus Free DDOS Protection up to 1 Gbps at just $8/mo. Our premium package offers Free SSD Disks, ProMax VE, and Raid 10 at only $16/mo. Each package comes with a 99.99% uptime guarantee policy which ensures maximum uptime for your website 24*7. So, hurry up! Buy one from us before these limited offers expire soon!

Can I Increase Storage Space on My Windows VPS Plan?

Yes, you can. Onlive server offers unlimited storage space on every Cheap Windows VPS plan. So do not feel restricted from saving your files and data; just use our services and experience ultimate satisfaction. We ensure to provide quick-response services even in night hours and holidays. So hire us without any hesitation!

Can I Smoothly Upgrade VPS to a Higher Plan?

Do you need more resources and higher bandwidth than your current plan is offering? If so, it is simple to upgrade. All you need to do is go to your account and click on Upgrade. From there, choose a new plan that better suits your needs. Your new plan will be live within 15 minutes! You can also contact us to speak with a representative about upgrading your plan over the phone. One of our representatives will be able to help you decide which one is best for you.

Windows VPS Features

  • High-performance SSDs.
  • Unlimited hosting accounts, Plesk at Additional Cost.
  • Get total control of your servers and change as per your needs.
  • Higher scalability without manual migrations to increase RAM, CPU, and storage.
  • 24*7 network monitoring security and 99.99% uptime guarantee with advanced DDoS protection.
  • Instant deployment of Windows VPS.

Why Buy Cheap Windows VPS from Us?

  • Adequately Priced VPS Windows
  • Full Admin Access via RDP
  • Guaranteed Resources
  • Cloud & SSD
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Latest Available Software

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Majority of the individuals and businesses these days go for cheap VPS hosting mainly because it offers the following advantages:
• You can let all the activities of the neighboring domains and the websites go on constantly, even if you know that they are involved in spam and other illegal material. However, this is possible only with a virtual private server because the VPS server is completely dedicated to your requirements Best Cheap VPS. So, there will be no problems faced with the speed of the server and also with your site. Your server will not be disturbed by any chance. It will also not experience downtime, and your company portal will be up and running perfectly while your customers will be getting the best services from your site