Optimized & Secure WordPress Website Hosting from Onlive Server

WordPress Website Hosting

WordPress Website Hosting

High-Performance WordPress Website Hosting-

Onlive’s WordPress Website Hosting platform is designed from the ground up to be fast, reliable, and secure. Onlive servers use the latest-generation processors, super-fast memory, and enterprise-class SSDs. In addition, our security team monitors threats 24/7 and has developed proprietary firewall technology to protect against malicious attacks, downtime, and spammy bots that are constantly scanning the web looking for WordPress installations to infect.

WordPress Website Hosting-

In your WordPress website hosting account, you’ll have everything you need to build a successful website. It’s more than just cheap web hosting for WordPress sites; it’s about speed and reliability—features that are crucial for those who run their business online. We provide more space to store your website’s files than most other web hosts. In fact, we offer much disk space compared to our competitors. With all of that space, you can comfortably run any kind of site: websites with thousands of pages or multiple gigabytes of media content are common on our servers.

WordPress Website Hosting

Advanced Anti-Hacking Technology-

WordPress is used by over a quarter of all websites in existence. As more website administrators are turning to WordPress as their CMS of choice, there’s also been an increased interest in hacking into WordPress sites. To ensure your site is secure against attacks we employ our advanced Anti-Hacking Technology that scans your entire website and alerts you to vulnerable files or settings. You can also use our customized file permissions to secure your site from any hackers or malicious code. Regardless of how large or small your site is, we have a solution for you

Why Choose Onlive for Your WordPress Hosting-

WordPress has become one of the most popular CMS platforms on earth. Many people choose to self-host their WordPress sites on their own server or through a web host like us. We can see why that’s an attractive option but we also believe there are reasons to consider choosing an alternative like our Onlive WordPress hosting platform. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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Advanced Control Panel-

Our hosting platform offers an advanced control panel that is easy to use yet very powerful. There are hundreds of settings you can tweak or automate to fit your unique needs. If a setting doesn’t exist in our control panel, we add it on request


What does security mean to us? For Onlive customers, it means trusted server infrastructure protected by next-generation firewall technology. The performance gains alone speak for themselves. But that’s not all we do – we also provide daily backups and an enterprise-class spam solution to keep your website safe. And if something goes wrong, our 24/7 support will be there to save you.

Daily Offsite Backup-

Your website files are stored on secure server clusters with daily offsite backups. You can browse your backups online at any time. Should disaster strike and you lose data, we’ll have it ready for you to download in no time. And should you suffer a problem with your site due to malware or a system crash, we’ll have a copy of your files ready for recovery in minutes.

24*7 WordPress Team Support-

We understand how important your website is to you. That’s why our 24/7 WordPress technical support team will quickly address any questions or concerns that you may have as well as work closely with you on ongoing WordPress solutions. In addition to our professional WordPress technical support service, we offer a wide range of premium services that are sure to make managing your business website easier than ever before.

Questions About WordPress Website Hosting? – Contact Our Friendly Technical advisor now. Our team is available 24*7 via live chat and is ready to answer any questions you may have.


At last, fast, reliable hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting is essential for every business online. Your site will load instantly when your users click to go to it because we use cutting-edge technology that makes sure you have all of the processing power you need. With Onlive servers, you never have to worry about your site slowing down or locking up because of hackers; enterprise-level security means you’re 100% protected from all threats.