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Availing Cheap Linux VPS Hosting Services from Onlive Server

Grow Bigger by Availing Cheap Linux VPS Hosting Services from Onlive Server

Cheap Linux VPS Hosting

Onlive Server is the main organization that offers Cheap Linux VPS Hosting plans with full root access, Great Service, and uptime ensures.

Cheap Linux VPS Hosting is simply a Virtual Private Server that runs on Linux. In this way, customers get all the benefits of a dedicated server at a much lower price. You can customize the operating system as per your needs, install any software and tools you want to use, and make your server ready to run your applications in no time.

What is a Cheap Linux VPS Hosting?

The Cheap Linux VPS Hosting is one of the most sought-after types of web hosting services because it provides its customers with high levels of performance and security at an affordable price. It offers more control and flexibility for your website than shared hosting and it gives you full root access to your server. This means that you will have complete control over all resources, including bandwidth, memory, storage space, etc., that are assigned to you. This also means that even if other users on the same server experience heavy traffic to their websites, yours will not be affected since you will have full access to dedicated resources.

What type of services provides an Onlive server?

Onlive Server offers the best Cheap Linux VPS Hosting at $9 per month with free technical support and 24x7x365 days. It is a very cost-effective hosting package for every small and medium business owner.

Cheap Linux VPS Hosting is a virtual private server that has complete root access. It’s just like a dedicated server but it’s in a shared hosting environment. The user can easily install any software or application on this server.

Linux VPS Hosting is the most popular hosting service because of the flexibility of customization and scalability offered by it. It comes with full root access so that you can modify your server as per your business requirements and needs.


1) Scalability – You can scale your resources anytime as per your business requirements.

2) Full Root Access – You get full root access to your Virtual Private Server so that you can customize your server at any time as per your business needs.

3) Complete Flexibility – You get complete flexibility to install any software or applications on your server, even if you are not aware of it, our technical team will help you with it.

Why choose Linux VPS Hosting?

Linux VPS Hosting provides you a lightning-fast speed and control over your server resources like RAM, CPU, Disk Space, Bandwidth, etc. You can get full root access over your server so you can install and customize your server according to your requirements.

If you are seeking a fully managed and highly reliable hosting service for your website then Linux VPS Hosting is the best option for you. Onlive Server offers you to choose from a wide range of plans provided by the company. You can select the most suitable Cheap Linux VPS Hosting plan for your business.

Cheap Linux VPS Hosting is providing the best quality service at an affordable price to our clients. We offered services that are performing well and you can manage them in an easy way. It is necessary to take the decision very carefully while choosing the hosting server service provider because it’s directly related to the bandwidth and performance of your website.

High Storage Space: – With our Cheap Linux Virtual Private Server Hosting plans, you can enjoy dedicated hosting with a good amount of storage space as per your requirement. You can also get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage space, and unlimited email accounts.

More Control: – Our Cheap Linux VPS Servers are designed for all types of businesses and websites that are looking for high control over their web environment. Here, you can enjoy root access which will give you full control over your server and its functions.

Customize Your Virtual Server: – Our provided server gives complete flexibility to customize your server according to your needs.

Why do you need to go for Cheap Linux VPS hosting?

What are the benefits that you can get out of it? These are some of the common questions that often come to your mind when you are looking for a web hosting solution.

There are many reasons why you should consider a VPS over other web hosting solutions. Let us take a look at some of the main reasons in detail.

A dedicated IP address

When it comes to shared web hosting, websites hosted on the same server share the IP address, which can sometimes be a problem, especially if any website receives spammy content or gets blacklisted by Google. But with Linux VPS, each website has its own dedicated IP. This means that even if one website is blacklisted, others will not be affected and continue to function normally.

Vulnerability to attacks

As websites share space on the same server in shared web hosting, they are more vulnerable to hackers who can get into one website and then use it as a base to attack others on the same server. With Cheap Linux VPS Hosting and Linux shared Hosting, this risk is eliminated as each website is completely isolated.

Conclusion: If you’re looking for a cost-effective, reliable virtual private server in the whole world, you can’t go wrong with Onlive Server. This company has an exemplary reputation, and they have a terrific track record of providing top-notch solutions to many different business types, including franchises and freelancers alike. When it comes to performance, Onlive Server is one of the best options around. Their dedicated IP addresses and DNS management services seal the deal on their reliability.