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The great motto of Online Server is to give you the best features of the Malaysia VPS Server you need to improve the fullness of your website. A Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine that is stored on a system or portable computer with its own operating system (OS). With its operating system, it operates on the same system operating independently in different visible environments. It has nothing to do with other sites on the same computer and offers the client one of its private locations. Since everything is so close, you will not be able to see anything. They are software-defined and arranged, and each server operates independently of the other.

The features of Malaysia VPS Server Hosting from Onlive Server are not the same. And that is the main reason why it is always recommended that you choose a VPS server on Onlive Server as it can give you maximum benefits.

Root access

Root access is a feature that will give you full control of the VPS server in the Malaysian account. It will give you full control over things like configuration or software installation. All actions you perform can be handle from the control panel interface of the control panel. Having root access makes it easier for users to full control and manage the Server.

Management and support

These are absolutely the same as a dedicated hosting account. Online Server will ask you to manage your Malaysia VPS Server Hosting, as in the case of a dedicated hosting account. But there are many companies in the market that provide administrative services and support to assist companies in their administrative duties. If you do not have the technical knowledge, this feature will not be useful to you. You can look for different types of companies that will help you to manage your VPS account.

Server monitoring

A reputable VPS provider will thoroughly evaluate the system and equipment on which your record is based. This ensures the physical security of the Server and in addition protects against physical threats, for example, system developers, malicious programs, and DDoS attacks.

Multiple domain hosting

Although the joint venture offers a variety of control areas, many of them do not confer you with the resources to do so and still value efficiency. Many VPS providers offer programs that permit you to have other sites without durable the hassle of execution. Generally, you can set up different email accounts and distribute the overlay on all sites. There are many VPS hosting plans on the market that can guide to confusion. This is why it is important to look for exclusive features and highlights that you may want in your VPS hosting account. This will allow you to select the best VPS plan.

Since the launch of the VPS server in Malaysia, its main motto has been to provide its customers with the best VPS service at the lowest possible price. And with more than nine years of experience, one can expect nothing more than the best Onlive Server. Their consistency and 24X7 customer service have been key tools for their success.

Some of the most commonly asked questions about VPS server hosting are as follows:

•           What are the benefits of hosting a shared server?

One of the main advantages of Malaysia-based VPS server hosting is that it comes with fully dedicated services. Greater control and more flexibility compared to shared servers. Everything is available within a reasonable distance. This means that users do not have to invest their money in acquiring dedicated server resources.

•           What do you mean by dedicated resources?

Compared to shared server hosting when all server resources are shared between users, VPS comes with dedicated resources that will be used on a single host server.

•           What is the meaning of root access?

Root access means full control and flexibility offered through administrative access. Users experience the flexibility of installing applications and software to modify their server location.

•           Are better security and speed a possibility?

VPS does not degrade site performance and thus makes for better security and speed.

•           Are technical skills required for using Malaysia VPS?

Yes, it is important for users to have good technical skills to manage a VPS server.

•           How will the backup copy provide my data??

Every backup copy of your data will be provided in encrypted form where you will also receive a disclaimer.

•           What are the various operating systems for which I will get support?

You will be provided with support for Windows and the Linux operating system