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Cheap Reseller Hosting

Cheap Reseller Hosting

What is Cheap Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is the service where you get the opportunity to provide web hosting services to the end customers as if you are the owner of the web hosting company. However, in reality, your web hosting provider lets you do this by providing the necessary resources and support. You will purchase hosting resources and support from your hosting provider and then, you will use them to resell hosting services to your customers. Get Cheap Reseller Hosting at a very low price by Onlive Server.

Reseller hosting business has become majorly famous due to its low preliminary price and much less hassle. You won’t need to build, control, and run a web hosting infrastructure at all. Your hosting provider will take over the responsibility of handling the security and management of server space and infrastructure. You can start your reseller hosting business from anywhere in the world.

It benefits most web developers and designers, who wish to unify their brand of hosting additional services to give customers everything under one roof. All you need to find out is the right web hosting provider. You should choose a web hosting company that has an ideal reputation in the industry for service and that you can trust.

Lower Cost and Expenses

Its hosting packages supply the ultimate number of resources while keeping costs down. It is similar to buying products from wholesalers where buyers can get bulk at a very lower price. You don’t have to hire highly paid resources to handle server jobs, as the parent company will take care of all these needs. Get Best Cheap VPS at a very low price by Onlive Server. It provides 24/7 customer and technical support.

Customer Support

Customer support service comes at the core of the business and plays a vital role in building a brand’s reputation. There is a big misconception in the minds of potential hosting resellers that they will need to provide all the customer support and technical support on their behalf to their end customers. On the contrary, it is not really so. Your hosting provider will also handle support services for your reseller hosting business. The hosting provider makes sure that everything is taken care of from setting up the reseller dedicated server to upgrading.

Complete Control Over Resources

The reseller plan allows controlling the utilization of disk space, as a result allowing to manage all aspects of the website. It also gives you the benefits of more space at a very lower cost rate and less maintenance. Few additional features include bandwidth limits, better control over disk storage, etc. Businesses can benefit through this as they can make their sites available when required without compromising on disk space.

Generating Income

Acting as an intermediary means that new clients get some commission when they buy accounts from the parent host. It also allows the reseller to earn more money. Most people do not even comprehend whether their host is a reseller or a unique host, as the reseller company can also have its personal team of workers to handle the wants of its clients. The reseller company also ensures a more satisfactory experience for the clients.

No Maintenance Hassle

Rather than buying your own server, the resale plan is similar to owning a dedicated server with one main important difference. Customers don’t have to worry about complicated server problems as the technical support department will help rectify those glitches.


The myths we studied above are the major ones that people talk about often, but still, they are few in number. Once you enter the industry and market, you may come across many people. However, in no way should these myths affect your decision to start your reseller hosting business. You should study the hosting business as much as you can, covering the pros and cons of different hosting servers. This will help you in providing the best hosting service to your end customers.