Best Summer Sailing Destinations

While figuring out plans for your next sailing adventure, the choice of destinations becomes the foundation of the itinerary. Where you decide to go can mean the difference forgettable and unforgettable, and we aim to ensure that the latter is the case. To save you time and trouble, we’ve rounded up the best sailing destinations for your next sailing vacation. If you’re all about fun out at sea, these places are as good as it gets:

1) Croatia
A combination of affordability and some of nature’s most exceptional offering is only a tip of the iceberg as to why you should visit Croatia. 1244 islets and islands offer many more compelling reasons for a sailing getaway, as do dozens of impressive coastal towns such as Split, that provide a fabulous concoction of life, food, adventure and partying! The Adriatic nation is famous for its summer festivities, with the yacht week Croatia another reason this Balkan nation is a beloved summer destination.

2) Ecuador
The Galapagos Islands are one of Ecuador’s most prized possessions, and a more than worthy location for a sailing voyage. These landmasses are famed for their unique wildlife, some of which include aquatic iguanas, blue foot boobies, and mammoth tortoises more focused on making the trip between plants than the attention of tourists around them. Charles Darwin found these islands to be out worldly when he visited back in 1835, and you too are guaranteed the time of your life.

3) Australia
Australia has become infamous for its treacherous wildlife, but beyond the arachnids and
reptiles is a whole new world where turquoise waters run from horizon to horizon underneath the glare of romantic sunsets. The 74-island archipelago of Whitsundays best epitomizes this holiday bliss, offering exquisite beaches and breathtaking scenery that seem like a painting. You’re sure to enjoy the snorkeling and diving particularly.

4) Kenya
Winsome Kenya is not a popular name on travel lists, but it’s a little known nation with loads of aquatic appeal which hinges around the Indian ocean off it. Ashy beaches are especially to die for in the coastal town of Mombasa, where food and culture are also at their enthralling best. Further inland, the country is also home to one of the wonders of the world: the great Wildebeest migration. You can catch the show sometime between April and August depending on the rain which triggers the move. Zanzibar island in neighboring Tanzania also offers generous holiday respite.

5) The British Virgin Islands
Any talk of sailing would seem unsatisfactory if the Caribbean weren’t included in the
conversation. The BVI represents the brimming, untouched beauty that characterizes a region where beautiful islands and beaches are not the exception but the norm. Rife with hidden coves, swaying palms, and the loveliest turquoise, the BVI are a magical place to drop anchor. Delectable restaurants line the coasts, as do ritzy and antique vessels during the summer season. Whether its food, history or pristine surroundings that excite you, you’ll find it all in the BVI so definitely choose this destination as the one you will sail the Caribbean from.

Summer is around the corner
Spring is upon us which dangles the many pleasures of the summer ahead of it. If you don’t
have plans for the next season, these summer sailing destinations are all you need.