5 Things You Should Do In Your Croatia Vacation

Croatia is one of the best places you can go for a vacation if you love nature and the sea. It makes your holiday more active and fun. Here are some of the best things that you can do in Croatia. Read on and find out.

Explore the national parks

Croatia is known for its scenic national parks and it has been noted by UNESCO as one of the iconic world heritage sites with the best Plitvice lakes. You will also get to experience natural scenery with the most popular being Krka national park because there are walking trails and boat trips to visovac islands and monastery where you will get to swim. Mljet national park is popular among the tourist. Therefore, you can access the national parks using bicycles and explore what nature has to offer.


Croatia is full of seas which can make it a better place to have Croatia sailing which is unique and full of life. It is usually a vibrant activity and it is among the most important things that you should miss to do when in Croatia. You will get to learn some techniques on how you can sail through the rides which makes it a very interesting activity that is worth your memories.

Attend summer festivals

Most people love visiting Croatia during summer because of the festivals. The popular Dubrovnik summer festival is a must-attend especially when you are with the family because there are lots of dance performances, theatre, music, and opera. This can spice up your stay in Croatia.

Picnic at the beach

Croatia is endowed with beaches. It has an estimate of 95 world-class beaches that meets international standards in terms of safety, cleanliness and water quality. Some of the best beaches include Lapad beach in Dubrovnik and punta rata which have a beautiful stretch which is lined with pine trees which creates grotesque scenery. This is an opportunity to explore beach life at its peak.

Explore the historical buildings

If you love to get some knowledge to quench your curiosity by visiting a place such as Roman amphitheater with Pula being among the famous places to visit. It has a magnificent structure in which an ancient look you can take some good photos which will add some value during your vocation. The marbled streets, cathedral, and ancient structures can also make your stay more exciting. Diocletian palace served as a retirement home for the emperor and it has been existence for over 1700 years.


Taking some vacation out of your country of residence is one of the most prestigious things that you can do in your lifetime. Croatia is undeniably one of the best places that you can be. It is full of nature and beautiful scenarios that will make your holidays interesting. It can be more fun if you travel along with your family because your kids will also have a great time in Croatia. Purpose to visit soon and you will have a memorable stay in Croatia.