5 Reasons Why You Should Move To Croatia

Croatia has a proud and rich history and has played host to many nations that enjoyed the Croatian coastlines for centuries. The beauty of the country is a natural magnet for those who adore relaxing settings along the coast. Which begs the question that everyone is asking, Why should you decide to move to Croatia?

The perfect buyers market

Despite a growing real estate market, there is a genuine demand for Croatian property. And the reason is as simple as it gets. Croatia is a real paradise with sight and sounds that are unlike any other throughout Europe. There is a real charm that is seen in the architecture and echoes of a long ripened history that’s visually pleasing.

Many of the most popular cities for sought after property include Dubrovnic and Porec, and continue to attract buyers from all over the world. Lesser-known cities such as Trogir and Split are charming coastal towns offering bargain laden opportunities to own a home. Many people who are looking for property here, find that the value of their investment continues to grow.

The Balkan lifestyle

Any adventure seeker who loves a life that is hearty and filled with adventure will certainly love the lifestyle that Croatia is known for. A fisherman’s haven with a Mediterranean twist of culture and a generous dash of East meets West. For the young at heart, the Balkan lifestyle enjoys live music and festivals such as the: Ultra Europe Festival in Split 2020, while older more refined types will enjoy the Dubrovnic classical symphony or the Zagreb National Theater.

This Balkan coast is a haven for health-minded people who enjoy the freshest catch of the day from the Mediterranean sea. However, for the full fine dining experience, you must visit the 5/4 restaurant in Zagreb. Aside from the language differences, you’ll find that at least 81% of all the Balkans, they speak English too. Making it faster and easier to communicate while navigating your way through the country.

This lifestyle is also a very lively one. It is filled with group hangouts, cheerfull music and laughter. Experiencing this will guarantee a good time.

A proud nation

Croats as people are very proud and so the country of Croatia is also a very proud nation in everything they do. The people are very competitive and successful, especially in sports (Croatian football team were second in the latest World Cup in 2018) and are champions in many different sports like waterpolo, handball etc. If you are a fan of sports and that competitive spirit definitely go and visit this country because you will have much to talk about with the people and will definitely enjoy the spirit of the country.

The Glorious Sea

There is no point in sugarcoating it, Croatia has an amazing sea. The Adriatic Sea is one of the most sought after destinations in European vacation travel for a good reason, the sea is beautiful and the cities are mesmerizing, it makes your vacation 10 times better and more beautiful when you go here. There are 2 parts of Croatia you can enjoy the sea called Istria and Dalmatia. The latter one is the more popular one with cities like Split and Dubrovnik which are the big tourist locations, they are big cities that have everything you could possibly want or need while on the other hand Istria is a more intimate and smaller part of seaside Croatia with cities like Umag, Porec and Rovinj which are small cities but incredibly stunning and rich in beauty, those are the cities for a family travel and just pure relaxation.

And of course we can not forget about the islands. There are over a thousand islands in Croatia and they are absolutely mesmerizing. The islands are a popular location for young people because of incredible nightlife. There are many islands that have worlds most popular DJ’s come and make a spectacle that you cannot miss if you are a party/festival lover.

Live a Lifetime in luxury

Croatia has many incentives that are well worth the effort to move everything you own into a new country. It’s also the perfect place to raise a family since this is one of the easiest ways for ex-pats to marry and have children. Not to forget that Croatian people are known for their natural beauty just like Hungary and the Czech Republic.

The local work is scarce but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for opportunity. Many who come to live in Croatia enjoy a life that allows them to create their empire. Everything from holiday rentals to chartered vacations is earning potential. Recently the music festival scene has been growing more popular those who like to draw big crowds. All in all, these three reasons aren’t the only ones you’ll want to move here for. The value for your money alone in Croatia lets you live your life in luxury for all the right reasons.